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Meet the Team

Simon WS

Simon Hulstone – Head Chef

Read more about Simon Hulstone on the Chef page

Katy WS

Katy Hulstone – Manager

Katy has been at the Elephant since 2004. Her calm, casual approach has brought a new level of service to the restaurant. Mother of the three little herbs, Tansy, Cicely and Betony and married to the chef. What a lucky lady!

Front of House

Jason WS

Jason Poore – Front of House Manager

Originally from the Land Down Under, Jason has brought a wealth of experience to the front of house team.  His easy-going nature and friendly approach ensures that our customers enjoy their dining experience from start to finish.  When he’s not at The Elephant he is normally on (or falling off) his bike.

Natalia WS


Natalia is our caffeine fuelled head waitress and runs The Brasserie.  She is originally from Poland and has a real tan unlike the other waitresses.



A morph of Beavis and Butthead and Ant and Dec, Ollie is our Brasserie waiter.  He’s not in shock he chose to look like that!

Bronwen WS


A great waitress and hard working; she’s also a drama queen.  Quiet and shy but gets the job done.



Canadian Jasmine is our doe eyed waitress.  Training to be a lumberjack so that she can return to the wilds and live with the mooses.



Beth is our enthusiastic waitress who is also a chicken plucker’s daughter!



Our cocktail barman who is so good they named him twice.  Quiet but strong he crushes the ice just by staring at it.



The highest pitched waitress we have ever employed.  The chefs wear earplugs and local dogs howl when she talks.

The Kitchen

Craig WS


Welsh boy Craig (also known as Beaker) is the energetic Head Chef at The Elephant. He enjoys running half marathons and has competed twice in the National Chef of The Year. He also has a tendency to walk into things.



Ben is the new competition king in the kitchen.  He has a lot to prove and we think this is because he is vertically challenged.  You may see the top of his head when you look through the kitchen’s glass door.  Recently taken to using bronzing products to enhance his look.



‘Mr Bean’ as he is known, George is our cockney geezer.  He’s absolutely sorted and a total diamond.  Cor blimey Guv’nor.



James and his mono-brow are our crockery technicians and make sure our fantastic service ware is spick and span.

Tansy WS


Tansy is our eldest ‘herb’ and is clear where she wants to be in the future.  When asked if she wants to be a chef like Daddy she replied “No I want to be a customer.”  Clever girl!

Cicely 5


Cicely is our budding Heston Blumenthal.  She loves foraging with Daddy and can tell you which wild mushrooms you can or can’t eat.  One to watch for the future!

Betony WS


The youngest but most demanding of the 3 daughters, she knows where the pastry section is and, more importantly, which chef to charm for chocolates.