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Meet the Team

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Simon Hulstone – Head Chef

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Katy WS

Katy Hulstone – Manager

Katy has been at the Elephant since 2004. Her calm, casual approach has brought a new level of service to the restaurant. Mother of the three little herbs, Tansy, Cicely and Betony and married to the chef. What a lucky lady!

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James Eaton – Front of House Manager

Dr Christian or Captain America lives his life thinking he’s a cartoon character. Apparently he wants to go to Mars, good luck!

Front of House

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Plays American Football because it’s our national sport! Our great young barman and very polite.

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The Tower! Now taking orders and greeting guests, lovely to have here and innocently gullible

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A great waitress and hard working; she’s also a drama queen.  Quiet and shy but gets the job done.

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She’s Polish and took Polish lessons at school getting an A… strange that. She works hard and talks harder!

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She only communicates by blinking, not actually sure if she can talk to be honest! She floats in and out but gets the job done every time.

The Kitchen

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He’s our Brommie Commis Chef. His accent is pretty strong so it’s hard to communicate apart from via text message. Unfortunately he has fat fingers too so we are all doomed!

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Apparently she’s from Lithuania as we are reminded at the beginning of every sentence! She gives the boys a run for their money and loves foxes.

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Lawson is our kitchen ASBO. He has Nemo tattooed on his arm! Great young chef and will go far when he can get out of bed.

Tansy WS


Tansy is our eldest ‘herb’ and is clear where she wants to be in the future.  When asked if she wants to be a chef like Daddy she replied “No I want to be a customer.”  Clever girl!

Cicely 5


Cicely is our budding Heston Blumenthal.  She loves foraging with Daddy and can tell you which wild mushrooms you can or can’t eat.  One to watch for the future!

Betony WS


The youngest but most demanding of the 3 daughters, she knows where the pastry section is and, more importantly, which chef to charm for chocolates.